Meezeilen op het IJsselmeer

Sail Along on the IJsselmeer

Always wanted to sail a traditional sailing vessel? This is your chance! Join us on board of the Zuiderzee, where relaxing and comfort are at the core…. A special surprise for your partner, friend or family? Join us alone or with a small group on these special join-in sailing days.

Join in for a day of sailing from Monnickendam

Embark on our ship in Monnickendam. The price: € 80 includes coffee and tea at the reception and a lovingly prepared lunch with sandwiches and a freshly made smoothie or soup. Coffee, tea, softdrinks, wine, prosecco and beer are during the trip available at the bar for a reasonable fee.

For kids of 4 up to 12 years old, the price 40 euros. (for kids of 0 up to 3 years it’s free).

The upcoming sailing events for 2023 are:

Sailing the IJsselmeer from 11 till 17 o’clock for 80 or 100 euros p.p.

  • 2 July 2023 – Sunday from 11 till 17 o’clock for 80 euros p.p. including lunch.
  • 16 July 2023 – Sunday from 11 till 17o’clock for 80 euros p.p. including lunch.

Starting on the 22  July with sailingtrips on the Waddensea. Join us!

End of August we are back on the IJsselmeer. You can join us:

  • 3 september 2023 – Sunday from 11 till 17 o’clock for 80 euros p.p. including lunch.
  • 2 Oktober 2022 – Sunday from 9 till 18 o’clock for 100 euros p.p. including lunch– VOC Hoorn.
  • 8 Oktober 2023 – Sunday from 11 till 17 o’clock for 80 euros p.p. including lunch.

Book you sail along sailing trip in Holland

  • You can only make a reservation for smaller group u to 12 people. In case you would like to come with a bigger group please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together. We are very flexible and a lot is possible or can be arranged.
  • Want to join as for our join in sailing trip or order a giftcard? Order your tickets online and email us to confirm a date! We will send you a reservation confirmation.
  • The sailing trip will take place if a minimum of 16 people has signed up, so please share this fun day out with your friends, for example on Facebook or other forms social media.
  • It is not possible to book this trip on another date than the dates mentioned above. All other dates are reserved for groups booking the ship exclusively.

Don’t forget to bring your:

  • Comfortable, flat, shoes with a nice profile
  • Rainwear and a warm sweater
  • Beach towel and swimwear if you would like to take a dip

We will answer very soon!

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