Een dag meezeilen op de Waddenzee in de zomervakantie

Sail along: Sailing trip on the Waddensea

Sail along: Sailingtrip on the Waddensea
Join us and sail with us on the Waddensea! Where beautiful vistas and the smell of salt water make life so wonderful… Sun, sea, the salty air, seals in the distance and above you the sails of our authentic ship.
In July 2018 you can join our adventured it will be ebb early on in the day, a trip for early birds.

Sailing to a Sandbank on the Waddensea

In 2018 it will be ebb early in the morning, therefore this is a trip for early birds. ‘The sun has just risen and the Waddensea’ will be illuminated beautifully. You will experience a sereen silence that is hard to find in our busy life nowadays. As cherry on top, arriving at the sandbank with her wide plateau and panoramic views.

Sailing for early birds

– Saturday 21 July 2018 from 7 till approx 15 o’clock
– Sunday 22 July 2018 from 7.30 till approx 15 o’clock

The price of 70 euros includes coffee and tea at reception and a lunch. Children from for up to 12 years 45 euros (0 till 3 years for free). Drinks are available at the bar for a reasonable price.

Book you sail along sailing trip on the Waddensea

– You can only make a reservation for smaller group u to 12 people. In case you would like to come with a bigger group please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities together. We are very flexible and a lot is possible or can be arranged.
– Want to join as for our join in sailing trip or order a giftcard? Order your tickets online and email us to confirm a date! We will send you a reservation confirmation.
– The sailing trip will take place if a minimum of 16 people has signed up, so please share this fun day out with your friends, for example on Facebook or other forms social media.
– It is not possible to book this trip on another date than the dates mentioned above. All other dates are reserved for groups booking the ship exclusively.

Don’t forget to bring your:
– Comfortable, flat, shoes with a nice profile
– Rainwear and a warm sweater
– Beach towel and swimwear for when we’re visiting the sandbank

We will answer very soon!

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